Is my intellectual property safe if I take part in the Startup Sherpa Programme?

Yes.  Everyone on the programme agrees the terms of use at the beginning of the programme.  That means that you can share your workings with other Sherpees and there would be legal recourse should they do something to steal your IP.

More importantly, we have a very strong stance on this.  If you are worried about this, you are almost certainly worried about the wrong thing.  And, coming on the programme will really help you focus on the real risks you face!

If you are a PhD in Artificial Intelligence who has just developed an entirely new approach to general AI, or you are going through a patenting process then you should not join the programme.  Everyone else – you’re fine.

Do you take any equity

No.  We are an incubator focused on you – the entrepreneur.  We provide you with the support to bring your idea to life.  You can use those skills in any way you want or need to in the future.

To do that, you invest in your time with us and we use that investment to invest in a generate of innovators through our 16X16 programme. Don’t forget to check out why we do what we do.

Will you introduce me to a VC

Yes.  Absolutely.

Once you have proven that your idea requires VC funding by taking part in the programme and that you have an investable idea.

Many entrepreneurs seek funding rather than customers and by going through the startup sherpa programme you will understand that finding customers is something we believe is very important.

How many days a week do I have to do a 25 minute activity?

We send a daily 25 minute mission to complete every day of a 4 day working week – Monday – Friday.

The community is active all the time to provide support, energy and guidance.

Do you know a <insert thing you need here> I can use?

Yes.  Probably.  And as part of a mentored package you have full access to our networks which can put you in touch with almost anyone in the world you could need to bring your idea to life.

In the community edition we run a fair request policy, so you can get introductions but cannot spam or make unreasonable requests.

Can you guarantee success

Absolutely.  We just need to agree a definition for success…

How do I know you know what you’re talking about.

Hopefully our about us page, and even our LinkedIn profiles suggest we know a thing or 2 about this.  If not, just speak to any of our existing Sherpees.

How do I get involved in the 16X16 Programme?

We’re always keen to meet new supporters of 16X16.  Email

What is the 16X16 programme

16X16 is the programme we run using the cash you invest in your Startup Sherpa subscription to train 12-16yr old in innovation and startup techniques.

We aim to teach them the skills and give them the experience to create their very own personal recurring revenue stream of £16000 per year by the time they are 16.

We believe that by providing this financial freedom at this age will not only prepare them for the world of the future, but unshackle them from wage slavery so that they can spend their time focused on solving the big problems facing our world.

Is Startup Sherpa right for my business idea?

We have sherpees starting businesses in every possible sector with local, national, or global ambitions.  From local bakers to robotics engineering.

We can support these variety of businesses because we take a process based approach to developing your idea.  We use #trusttheprocess. The process works.

Is Startup Sherpa right for me?

You are perfect for the Startup Sherpa programme if…

  • You have an idea that you want to get off the ground.

  • You have never done anything like this before, and don’t know where to start.

  • You’re right at the beginning of your startup.

  • You’re so excited about your idea you can’t wait to get started

  • Want to get guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls!

  • Want to avoid overspending too early on your startup

  • Want to join a vibrant community of other people going through the same thing

  • Want to be kept to account so you make progress!