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Insurance Time Machine Report 2022: What Last Year's Report Meant and Why You Should Care!

Last Year's Report Summary

Who is Generation Alpha?  

Why Should I care?

How does this report help?

Industry View from Hélène Stanway (SENSE Consortium, Ex Axa XL)

Industry view from Paul Welsh (Aviva)

New Digital & Metaverse Products

A new take on Life

Value of education…

Value to Creators

Marketing to Gen Alpha – The Ultimate Blueprint.

Claims & Operations.

Comparison of insurance policies.  



41 tools invented for remote innovation

The power of ‘SquadSourcing’

Diversity & Inclusion as standard

Innovation as a tool for career exploration

Top 10 Ideas from the Squad

Our Pick of the best ideas

Spotlight on Talent

The Talent Blueprint

For the whole Insurance Industry

The impact of Generation Alpha on insurance is going to be felt across every part of the insurance ecosystem.  The 100 teenagers that took part in this Time Machine report provided a deep, rich dataset and the insights, trends and blueprints drawn from this are actionable, high impact and worth prioritising. 

This is a must-read report for primary carriers.  The transformation priorities are critical for all primary carriers and the insurance ideas span most policy areas including Life policies, Home policies, Cyber policies and even have an impact on specialty lines. 

The talent blueprint provides an actionable way to solve the industry wide talent issues.

Brokers will want to read this report because Generation Alpha presents and opportunity for brokers to redesign how insurance is sold.  Additionally the talent war is as relevant to the brokers as it is across the other parts of the insurance industry, and so the Talent Blueprint provides an actionable way to solve one of the industry’s biggest challenges.  

Additionally, the Marketing Blueprint is useful to everyone involved in distribution and sales of policies. 

Reinsurers need to read the report because it provides a long-term  view of the whitespace of new risks emerging. The talent blueprint will also be fascinating reading for Reinsurers.  

Like our sponsors Aviva, personal lines carriers will see the immediate relevance to their business.  Both carriers in the UK and globally will find the report a goldmine of opportunity to use in aligning, developing and supporting their roadmaps and priorities over the next 5 years.

While not obvious in its relevance to commercial lines carriers, a number of the ideas are directly ideas for commercial lines carriers.  More importantly, the breadth of the report together with the focus on diversity and inclusion in talent are important reasons for commercial lines carriers to read the report.

For all teams

Innovation teams across the insurance industry will want to read this report because it contains a goldmine of unique, well developed ideas that can be used to validate, expand and inspire your work against future customers.  

Claims is a huge focus of the report, with some truly fascinating ideas specifically focused on claims.  

Claims is one of the 3 transformation priorities the report calls out.  

The content of the report will provide strong supporting evidence for claims innovations underway or planned.  

Marketing teams will want to read the report not only for the amazing ideas that these teenagers have created.  But most importantly for the Marketing Blueprint they generated for the insurance industry. 

Actuarial teams will benefit from exploring the new risk bearing ideas the teenagers have developed and we hope actuaries and risk professionals will be inspired by the way these teenagers have taken to development of risk bearing products with enthusiasm. 

Customer insights teams will likely want to buy the report together with the dataset of all ideas generated (A goldmine of 740 ideas). 



There are 3 transformation priorities that we call out in the report, and the report should not only provide inspiration for transformation teams, but it should provide critical evidence for the need for change.  

The report provides a 5 year horizon view, that suggests work needs to commence now. 

We not only have a talent blueprint, and spotlights on diversity and inclusion, but have a proven way of developing diverse talent to develop an interest in working in insurance. 

Given the breadth of this report it is highly relevant recommended reading for C-level executives and industry leaders.  Spanning talent, transformation, claims, distribution and new risk bearing products we do hope you will buy a copy for your organisation.  Especially as doing so supports our social impact. 

The Social Impact Last Year's Report Created

‘Trickle up economics’ is what we call our alternative to trickle down economics.  

We pay students to work on the report.  This allows us to entice a diverse set of students, not just the hand raisers.  

Some students spend their money on birthday presents for friends, others spend their money to help their families.  What they don’t do, is store it tax efficiently.  That’s why we believe in trickle up economics. 

Talent is everywhere.  Opportunity is not.  And it starts with work experience.  By giving a diverse set of teenagers their first work experience and a reference we help them through the first hoop.  

These are the 21st century skills that our students need to develop to thrive in the world they inherit.  

We do this by teaching them how to bring their ideas to life and share them with others. 



Our Squad Leaders on this Time Machine report were both female.  Rokeebat’s story is shared in detail in the report and shows how multiple interactions with Startup Sherpas develops gender diverse talent. 

25% of our teenagers discover their own entrepreneurial spirit by taking part in the Time Machine SuperSquad.  

We get a 5x increase in the students desire to explore their own startups when they take part.  


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