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Stop believing in the silver bullet idea!

We’ve all been there. Sleepless nights ahead of the ‘big launch’ of your next big product. Everything rests on this. It can’t fail.

You’ve put all of your resources behind this, and have run endless focus groups who have helped co-create your product, and have told you it’s great!

You’ve been agile, writing user stories and getting the tech teams to deliver in full Sprint style!

And you’ve put all your eggs in just one basket. All your money and resources in just one thing.

60-95% of new products fail. The number varies depending on the research, but the deal is this. It’s big.

So why do you think you’re different? Focus groups, co-creation and agile don’t make your product a success. They actually lull you into a false sense of security.

If you’re sensible, don’t spend months building 1 idea, spend months trying 10 ideas. It means you do less for each, but if you spend less time focusing on the right thing (spoiler alert, it’s not focus groups, co-creation or agile!), then you can make it work.

This approach gets rid of those sleepless nights. You become far more excited every morning waking up to find out which of the 10 ideas is looking positive.

You’ll know that at least 1 will be.

The odds are on your side.

As long as you do things right!

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