The secret to validating a new idea is right in front of you

Think about the last time you bought a product or service. It could be anything. Something for you at home, something for work.

Think about what you saw and heard when you went from not knowing about the product you bought, to having it in your hand.

  1. You first would have had a moment where you thought “enough is enough, I need to find something to make my life easier or better”.
  2. Then you would have started to look around to see what’s out there. You may have gone to find something by searching online, you may come across something about the problem to read, or you may have started noticing adverts online, on TV, in print, on public transport etc. You may even start to read some of those emails that hit your inbox if something stands out.
  3. Then you would have gone somewhere to find out more about the product or service. You have have gone to a website, or popped to a shop to check things out for real.
  4. Then you come to the moment where you weigh things up and make a decision about buying it.
  5. Then you buy it!
  6. Then you get it in your hands, and you start using it.

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