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Time Machine - Protecting The Future

Personal Development Plan


Price: £129 + VAT

  • Licenced for personal use

  • Designed to be used with your personal development plan and can be purchased using your development budget.

Share the love...


Price: £1,500 + VAT

  • Licenced for up to 15 team members

  • Designed to validate your team’s plans against a best in class dataset of innovation ideas from future customers

  • Includes dataset of 740 innovation ideas and includes access to video assets to use in presentations

  • Licenced for use in presentations for your team internally

Go big!


Price: £3,000 + VAT

  • Licenced for distribution across the company

  • Includes everything in the team plan…

  • PLUS – webinar presentation from the founders of Startup Sherpa for your executive team.