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We are the UKs social enterprise for next-generation innovation and entrepreneurship work experience and up-skilling.

How can we help?

Everything we do focuses on young people and giving them the skills they need for the future. To do this, we work with both Corporates and Schools to bring industry and education closer, providing real-life work experience opportunities.


Find out what you could be doing if you join a Startup Sherpas SuperSquad.


Learn how you can offer young people new opportunities through our SuperSquads, Time Machine reports and Apprenticeship pathways.


Check out what you can do to get your students involved in our real-life work experiences. Looking for resources to use for a drop-down day or curriculum time?

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Showcase: The Time Machine Report

£11,200 paid to the teen economy

Every squad we run means a group of young people get paid for their efforts, and we are immensely proud just how much we pass back!

Teenagers learning critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication

Through the 6 week programme, participants are led through our Step-By-Step™ Methodology, where they learn as they do.

Diversity in teenagers developing leadership skills

Our SuperSquads are always diverse - with a fascinating and refreshing mix of participants. We see diversity in gender, race, and many other aspects, and we welcome differences (it makes things more creative!)


The SuperSquad participants will spend time finding insights for you, and then use their creative brains (and the power of diverse group activities) to generate amazing ideas that could seed your future.


There are a number of ways you can help, from partnering with us to run a SuperSquad tailored to your needs, through to sponsoring a set of schools.
Corporate Interest (General)

Your top 5 questions answered

You get real-life work experience where you’ll learn innovation and entrepreneurship skills. You’ll also get paid if you on one of our SuperSquads!

Firstly, they get to feel the warm feeling of doing something good and giving back to the next generation.

They get to see the future talent that could be part of their business in the future.

They also get amazing insights, and most importantly, access to all the great ideas the SuperSquad generate.


There are no catches. You do the work, you get paid, it’s as simple as that.

A typical SuperSquad involves around 30 hours of work. This is spread over a 4-6 week period.

Firstly, thanks for asking! Honestly, we don’t think we are amazing but people tell us we are, so we’ll take it!

About Us

We’re a mix of corporate innovators, engineers, educators, marketers and sales types. The one thing we have in common – we’ve all started companies (this one we did together!), so entrepreneurship is in our bones!

Our Thoughts: Insights, ideas, opinions

Fantastic Failures!

We practice what we preach! We believe that we need to hear more about what people have done and what didn’t work out. There’s nothing better than learning from mistakes that other people make.

It also helps remind you that you’re only human. Don’t believe all that rubbish that you hear about success and money. It’s only real for a few people in the world, and most of them had more support from the start than anyone can dream of.

So, listen to us, and others, as we walk through a cacophony of mistakes!

Episode 1:

Oops, I started an airline!​

Hugo Pickford-Wardle talks to Dan Roe about the story of his Fantastic Failure trying to start an airline for skiers. From the front page of the Financial Times to a cease and desist letter from the Civil Aviation Authority this Fantastic Failure is packed with twists and turns.

Episode 2:

Mister Truffle. Becoming the leading Truffle expert in the UK.

Hugo Pickford-Wardle talks to Dan Roe about the story of his Fantastic Failure building Mister Truffle, a service offering fresh truffles to domestic chefs. From Michelin starred kitchens to street corners this Fantastic Failure is packed with tasty treats.