Build your business. Learn skills to make you work ready. Create the future you want. Bring your ideas to life.


Build your business. Learn skills to make you work ready. Create the future you want. Bring your ideas to life.

Free to teens aged 13-18. If you’re older than that, then please get in touch!

Learn how to bring your ideas to life.

Whether you want to become a Youtuber, make your own sneakers or save the world, join Startup Sherpa and learn the innovation and entrepreneurship skills to bring your idea to life. 

The best bit?  We’ll show you how you can make your own £16k by the time you are 16 doing the things you love the most.


Treks to help you through every step of your journey.

Sign up for FREE and get access to our Treks and also the Kit Bag (containing 33 tools and techniques).

Step-by-Step™ Treks and the kit bag you need all FREE.

Work at your own speed (fast or slow, we don’t mind!)

you’ll learn the techniques that adult Entrepreneurs use in the real world.


We support schools and organisations who want to give their teens a new experience and to teach skills that will benefit everyone, whatever they end up doing.

IT’S FREE! We are supported by very kind companies and individuals who want to make a different in the world.

Need to fill ‘X’ hours of teaching for ‘Enterprise or Business’?

Use our Step-by-Step™ TREKS for self-guided and self-paced activities that are fun and engaging. Each Trek is split into 30 minute missions to fit around your teaching schedule.

Want to provide teens with a full 6-month programme?

Use our Step-by-Step™ JOURNEY to guide your teens through the 7 expeditions to help them turn raw ideas into reality.


Everything you need, in one place. Online.

We’ve put everything together into our digi-doing platform. 

Check back in daily to see what you have to do. 

 It contains all of the tools you’ll need.

  •  Your Journey – if you are on our full programme, then you’ll find your guided journey here!
  • Treks – Jump into guided activities that you can do at your own pace. Great for schools looking for some Enterprise and Entrepreneurial activities!
  • Kit Bag – our methodology is built from lots of best in class techniques and ways of working from the Startup and Corporate worlds. Get access to all 33 tools.


When we set out on our own journey, our vision was to help teens get access to skills they don’t learn at school, and most importantly – TO MAKE IT FREE!

We continue that vision to this day. So, if you are a teenager, then you can sign up for free and get access to ALL the Treks and your Kit Bag.

Sign up now to get immediate access. If you want to join the Entrepreneurs journey, then please get in touch with us at



9 EXCITING Expeditions

The original Startup Sherpa journey to take a raw idea, check it’s a good one and then launch it.

Don’t kid yourself, the idea that ends up a winner may not be your first one. So, every few weeks, we ask you to quit*. We don’t want anyone wasting their time.

Your Entrepreneurs Journey is formed of 9 Expeditions, each guiding you step-by-step from the moment of having an idea through to having an actual customer!

* …quit your idea for another one…not the journey!


We have a series of Treks – short, fun, self-guided and self-paced that can be done in just a couple of hours, or up to a couple of weeks.

You can do them by yourself, or get a bunch of you working together as a team – whatever works for you!

My journey has helped me develop my idea and refine what it actually is. As well as working on my idea, the missions helped me work with computers and apps. I'm now looking forward to going through all the missions again on a new idea I have.



We truly believe that everyone has it in them to do something that gives them some financial freedom before they even embark on their career.

We started as 16X16 – the concept that we could get 16 year-olds earning £16k. We still work to that, but have grown in our belief that it’s more than just financial freedom, we want kids to grow up in a world that they have created and defined. They are going to experience all the problems of the future, so why not get them solving those problems now

Listen to us!

Fantastic Failures!

We practice what we preach! We believe that we need to hear more about what people have done and what didn’t work out. There’s nothing better than learning from mistakes that other people make.

It also helps remind you that you’re only human. Don’t believe all that rubbish that you hear about success and money. It’s only real for a few people in the world, and most of them had more support from the start than anyone can dream of.

So, listen to us, and others, as we walk through a cacophony of mistakes!

Episode 1:

Oops, I started an airline!

Hugo Pickford-Wardle talks to Dan Roe about the story of his Fantastic Failure trying to start an airline for skiers. From the front page of the Financial Times to a cease and desist letter from the Civil Aviation Authority this Fantastic Failure is packed with twists and turns.

Episode 2:

Mister Truffle. Becoming the leading Truffle expert in the UK.

Hugo Pickford-Wardle talks to Dan Roe about the story of his Fantastic Failure building Mister Truffle, a service offering fresh truffles to domestic chefs. From Michelin starred kitchens to street corners this Fantastic Failure is packed with tasty treats.

Some stuff we've written about

…you may even find some of it interesting!

Dan Roe


Hugo Pickford-Wardle