Startup Sherpas for Schools

Startup Sherpas is perfect for schools aiming for an outstanding, or good Ofsted rating.

We combine world-class virtual work experience opportunities, cutting edge innovation up-skilling and enriching startup after-school clubs.

Startup Sherpa gets teens learning and doing real innovation

They will be using the same methodology, tools and techniques that are used in the Startup and Corporate worlds – where most of them could well end up. So, get them learning the skills before they hit the workplace and set them up for success in the future.

We don’t believe in just sitting and learning – at least not when it comes to the world of problem solving, and taking ideas that could become wonderful businesses, social enterprises, charities or community projects. We believe in doing, and from our years of experience working with adults with the same focus, we know that learning only really happens when you try something out.

Teachable (and downloadable) Tools and Techniques

We’ve broken down a complex and uncertain process into a methodology and set of tools and techniques that are teachable.

These tools and techniques are not created for kids – they were created for adults, so the teens who join Startup Sherpas are learning skills that will truly be useful in their futures.

We focus on mindset and behaviours, and encourage quitting!

Exploring a startup is actually an amazing vehicle for self-discovery and we use the self-reflection and self-awareness inherrent in the startup journey to allow students to explore and develop their talents and interests as well as exploring their own career potential.

We won’t advance as people or as a global community if we don’t actually DO something with the amazing ideas that sit in our brains. We worry about being wrong, and we are aiming to fix that.

We ask people to quit (not Startup Sherpas, but their idea), by getting teens to try something out, make it real, listen to feedback, and then make a decision.

We believe this is critical to the future success of our teens, and the world. If we don’t make mistakes, we aren’t trying something new!


The Innovation Foundations programme is designed to fit your timetabling.  Set over 3 half-term periods, we have experience timetabling this in PSHE, Form Time or Business Studies.

We can also link this to curriculum subjects like Geography and place into suitable timetabling.

Speaking to ofsted about startup sherpas

We know the CEIAG requirements for a good or outstanding Ofsted rating and we support our school partners in showcasing how their students engage with, and benefit from Startup Sherpas in schools. 

When you are asked about CEIAG, as we know you will, you can rest assured that you have everything in place to delight your Ofsted inspector.