About us!

(Just in case you were wondering)

Startup Sherpa is a collective of amazing people striving to help teens learn the skills of the future.

Our original co-founders, entrepreneurs Dan and Hugo realised they had a common mission in life: to help kids learn a brilliant bunch of skills – the skills to innovate, create and engage. A super-simple step by step daily task approach sounded like an ideal way to learn and build, and the Step-by-Step Methodology was born. A method to lead you through all of the steps needed to validate and launch your very own business.

Our ultimate aims are simple: to educate, to help young people achieve a basic income so they can focus on what they really care about, and to help create rapid change and growth in a sustainable way both for the students and for the world. Along the way, Kathy joined as a new co-founder, bringing her brilliant innovation brain into the mix and her amazing ability to somehow control Dan and Hugo!

While testing the programmes, we quickly discovered that not only are the learned skills brilliantly transferable to almost every area of a teenager’s life, the process also helps build confidence, creativity and resilience.

Our team believes in fairness, honesty, simplicity and kindness. We want Startup Sherpa to be sustainable and carefully run, and hope that our enthusiasm and passion pass on to all of our teenaged innovators.

Dan Roe


Hugo Pickford-Wardle


Kathy Walker