Making sustainable fashion the affordable choice with Allianz

We partnered with Allianz to ask teenagers how they could make sustainable fashion the affordable choice.

The 100 teenagers from all over the UK were immersed into the worlds of sustainability and fashion supply chains before going through the step-by-step innovation process to come up with their own ideas to drive affordability.

The ideas that the teenagers developed ranged from material science ideas through to new tax policies for governments to implement. This reflects a key principle of a SuperSquad; allowing space for the most diverse set of ideas possible and driving true innovation.

As well as developing ideas that are now being assessed for next steps, 90% of the teenagers highlighted that they are now going to change their own behaviour to live more sustainability.

“Sustainability is an important topic for us and seeing the variety of ideas and ways that the teenagers have solved this problem just shows us that they really are at their peak creativity. Not only that, the Squad is proving to be a valuable way to driving the talent and social impact agenda.” – Michele Williams – Global Head of Risk Consulting Allianz Commercial.