Gen Z and Gen Alpha are the newest and next generation of passengers. They are living in a world that’s very unlike any previous generation and assuming we know how they think or what they want would be a mistake. So we created a SuperSquad of 150 teenagers aged 13 to 18 and challenged them to come up with innovative new models to get young people on to trains and make the industry fit for the future.

We discovered that the romance of train travel is alive in young people; they have an untarnished view of rail. They see it as a safe mode of transport and know it has
lower emissions than road or air travel.

In our upcoming report for LNER we showcase their solutions and creativity. Out of their final database of 1,000+ ideas, we set out the top four:

  • Office on rails. Designated office carriages to work, study and revise.
  • A safe space for all. Teenager-only carriages, to travel in safety.
  • Tiered wifi access. Three types of tickets – a new tiering for rail travel.
  • Rail rewards. A gamified loyalty scheme with discounts and partnerships.

Our report looks at why each idea matters to young people, why it matters to LNER, why it matters to the industry and suggested next steps for LNER. It contains ideas that can be tested relatively easily as well as long-term, industry-wide innovation on train design and pricing. We hope that seeing train travel through the eyes of young people will be, well, eye opening!