Barcelona: The Beacon for Startup Sherpas’ Pledge to Fuel the Global Teen Economy by Empowering One Million Young Innovators by 2029.


Barcelona: The Beacon for Startup Sherpas’ Pledge to Fuel the Global Teen Economy by Empowering One Million Young Innovators by 2029. 

“Barcelona, Spain – 28th February 2024: Startup Sherpas, known for its Teen Empowerment Platform, has made a strategic leap towards global expansion. At MWC2024, the company reveals its latest venture – a new office nestled in the dynamic Tech Barcelona Incubator.” 

This strategic expansion is being led by Natalia Olson-Urtecho who’s international and government experience as an Obama Appointee running start-ups and small business for the US government provides extensive experience in scaling impact globally. 

The launch of the Startup Sherpas platform in Spain is a milestone moment, taking the impact Startup Sherpas has been having on the teen economy beyond the UK, targeting young entrepreneurs across the Mediterranean – with the aim of venturing into Latin America. 

John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA, said: “It is an honour to support something so crucial to the development of the global teen economy. These young individuals are not just tomorrow’s customers but also our future talent. The privilege that Barcelona and MWC have been chosen to be at the heart of Startup Sherpas’ global expansion is not lost on us. We are thrilled to be part of this journey, shaping the future of entrepreneurship and innovation.” 

The British Embassy and the Spanish Government have already supported this move; they see the global need for entrepreneurial education as a critical priority. 

Startup Sherpas has crafted its educational approach with global scalability at its core. The model, which merges practical paid work experience, junior apprenticeships and startup training, has already celebrated remarkable success in the UK. To date, nearly 5,000 teenagers have completed the programme – and Startup Sherpas is on track for a further 10,000 teen ‘Sherpees’ in 2024. 

Natalia spoke to professional basketball player Ricky Rubio, who said: “We look forward to working with organisations like startup sherpas to innovate and improve the experiences for children and adolescents. Working with Hospitals across the region exemplifies the foundation’s commitment to enhancing healthcare environments.I want to use basketball to help unprivileged youth to teach them the values of life as teamwork, resilience, and entrepreneurial skills can give them a better future.” 

Startup Sherpas does more than just arm the youth with the essential tools to become the upcoming tide of innovators, ready to address worldwide issues like climate change, sustainable food systems, and a robust global economy. It also provides these teenagers with a source of income, injecting immediate value into the teen economy. 

Katherine Walker, Chief Impact Officer at Startup Sherpas, said: “We have a proven model for engaging diverse teenagers at real scale. Yes, the individual impact on each teenager is significant, but really, the impact of the teen economy is much, much bigger. “The Spanish office shows our commitment to driving an inclusive economic future for everyone, from

Spain, from around the Mediterranean, from LATAM – all teenagers and important to our mission.”. she added. 

The organisation is keen to adapt and customise its highly successful UK-based model to align with the distinct cultural and economic contexts of the Mediterranean and Latin American regions. This expansion underlines Startup Sherpas’ dedication to forming a global network of one million young entrepreneurs by 2029. 

Hugo Pickford-Wardle, Co-founder of Startup Sherpas, highlighted: “Given that this is the global gathering of people who care about connecting the world for a better future, it’s fitting to launch our next phase at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

“The support from the British Embassy and the Spanish government also underscores the timeliness of our expansion.” 

Sarah Roles-Ndibe, Head of Technology & Financial Services at the British Embassy, shared her enthusiasm. “Supporting Startup Sherpas’ expansion into Barcelona aligns perfectly with our mission of promoting innovation and collaboration between the UK and Spain,she said. 

“Its venture into the Mediterranean and Latin America underscores the universal demand for entrepreneurial education and the global influence of innovative UK enterprises.” 

The organisation’s work in the UK, including partnerships with the HMRC Tax Office and Accenture to address Cyberbullying and scams, sets a precedent for its international efforts. 

Its impactful work has garnered acclaim from partners and media alike, including Allianz and the Financial Times. A testament to its success, a group of teenagers from the programme is shortly showcasing their work at the Financial Times headquarters in London. 

Startup Sherpas invites media, potential partners, and interested parties to support its mission to empower the next generation of global innovators. 

About Startup Sherpas: 

Startup Sherpas is a pioneering organisation dedicated to equipping teenagers with startup skills through a unique model that blends paid work experience and junior apprenticeships with startup training. 

Committed to addressing global challenges through innovation, Startup Sherpas has educated nearly 5000 teenagers in the UK and is now poised to expand its influence internationally. The organisation champions the power of a global generation of innovators to solve the world’s most pressing problems. 

For more information and partnership opportunities, please contact: 

Hugo Pickford-Wardle 

Founder – Startup Sherpas +44 (0)7869 412356