Want to engage your future talent and find growth?

Partner with us to run your very own SuperSquad, or to support our Time Machine report, or sponsor a set of schools.

How can we help your company?

Everything we do focuses on young people and giving them the skills they need for the future. To do this, we work with both Corporates and Schools to bring industry and education closer, providing real-life work experience opportunities.


You can commission a tailored SuperSquads that will focus on a specific challenge your company is facing.

Get insights, get ideas, and while you're at it, spot some talent too!


2023 will see the return of the Insurance Time Machine report, and we will also be focusing on Financial Services too.

We are always looking for companies who want to sponsor the Time Machine report. Show everyone how you are supporting the next generation.


We work with schools up and down the country. We have a set of solutions that teachers use within school to get students starting to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship.

The schools programme is supported by corporates - you could be the next one!

You can sponsor every school in the UK, or ones just in your area.

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Corporate Interest (General)

Showcase: The Time Machine Report

£11,200 paid to the teen economy

Every squad we run means a group of young people get paid for their efforts, and we are immensely proud just how much we pass back!

Teenagers learning critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication

Through the 6 week programme, participants are led through our Step-By-Step™ Methodology, where they learn as they do.

Diversity in teenagers developing leadership skills

Our SuperSquads are always diverse - with a fascinating and refreshing mix of participants. We see diversity in gender, race, and many other aspects, and we welcome differences (it makes things more creative!)

Corporate Insights

The SuperSquad participants will spend time finding insights for you, and then use their creative brains (and the power of diverse group activities) to generate amazing ideas that could seed your future.

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