Startup Sherpas connects corporates and young people to drive talent and skills


We offer teenagers Paid Work Experience, Junior Apprenticeships and Young Founder Training so that they enter the workplace confident, and with the right skills to feel ready to tackle 21st century work.

To do this, we work with a range of businesses, governments and educators that are invested in delivering social impact, unlocking young people’s potential and developing future talent from a young age.

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Best for: Bespoke research with future customers while creating social impact.

Paid work experiences allow our partner organisation the opportunity to learn from the teenagers while supporting the teenagers not only with a truly meaningful experience of work, but also their first pay-check.

We can select teenagers with specific interests like gaming or fashion and we can align squads to priories like social mobility or supporting neurodiverse teenagers.

What are the outputs?

  • Insights and ideas from future customers.
  • Measurable and auditable social impact.
  • A powerful case study to share across your business.


Best for: Scaling diverse talent applying for early career programmes while creating social impact.

Junior Apprenticeships offer partners a flow of candidates for apprenticeship programmes and early career opportunities. The candidates have enhanced 21st century skills of communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration as well as confidence and creativity.

The teenage candidates are also more likely to stick with your early talent programmes having been able to make an informed career choice.

What are the outputs?

  • Lots of high quality teenage applicants to your early careers programmes.
  • Measurable and auditable social impact.
  • A pioneering early talent programme.


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Read our Future of Rail Report 2023

In collaboration with LNER, discover 1,000 ideas on how to futureproof the rail industry, with young people in mind.

Young Founder Training

Best for: Creating young entrepreneurs while creating social impact.

Young Founder Training gives teenagers the opportunity to do a startup in the safest environment possible. Using our propietarty methodology they are given step-by-step instructions so that without any previous experience or business knowledge they can develop their idea.

Teenagers on our young founder training become experienced founders who have a process they can rely on to bring their ideas to life, whatever they are.

What are the outputs?

  • Lots of young founders
  • Even more Startup trained young people who realise they don’t want to do a Startup.
  • Measurable and auditable social impact.
  • Lots of stories to tell about young talented founders.


Best for: Industries and trade Associations who need to scale up the workforce.

Talent Accelerators bring together our programmes to deliver industry a secure talent pipeline. We work with industries that have identified a shortfall of 10s of 1000’s in their workforce and have a committed timeframe to balance the talent available with the industry need.

We can deploy accelerators to support sector-specific clusters, as well as industry requirements from the likes of Cybersecurity and Green Jobs.

What are the outputs?

  • Suitably high volumes of quality teenage applicants ready to enter the industry.
  • An industry-wide initiative the whole ecosystem can support.
  • Measurable and auditable social impact.
  • A talent legacy for your industry or cluster.



There are a number of ways you can help, from partnering with us to run a SuperSquad tailored to your needs, through to sponsoring a set of schools.
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